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Vedika Savania

  • AiB
  • October 11, 2016
  1. Where did you grow up and study?

    I was born at the Royal Surrey Hospital in Guildford and have lived in Guildford all my life, going to both primary and school there. After finishing Sixth Form at George Abbot School I went on to study at the University of Exeter where I am in my fourth and final year.

  2. What were your family values instilled at an early age and what did you learn from your parents?

    My dad has always had his own business after coming to this country with only £50 and been extremely successful throughout his career meaning that my mum has never had to work. However my mum has probably worked harder than anyone I’ve ever known, she’s acted as a parent to 3 children and 6 nieces and nephews as well as being a 24/7 carer for my grandparents. It is this disparity between my parents’ lives that has taught me the importance of hard work in any situation and that success is not measured by money or progression but the value and impact you have on an individual’s life.

  3. What was your life like whilst growing up?

    I grew up in a large family with a close knit group of friends, in a predominantly white community my ethnicity was celebrated and encouraged. I’m fortunate to have had a privileged upbringing and never wished I had more or different, but it’s also important to note that my parents didn’t believe in just giving me things, I was made to work extremely hard to achieve all that I have and to have been given all the possessions I had when I was younger. I also lived with my grandparents growing up and still live with my grandmother, this has provided a different but solely positive dimension to my upbringing and taught me values such as respect and patience.

  4. What is your current job?…if it’s your own business, did you spot gap in the market?…what have you learnt from this experience?

    I am currently a Senior Auditor at KPMG and also am the Director of my own Investment Property business. I joined KPMG at the age of 18 and I am completing my degree and CA concurrently, this experience has matured me significantly and thrown me into an intense work environment at a time where the majority of my peers are on gap years/still completing university.

  5. In which direction or path you want your career/job to take

    I would like to progress through KPMG and hopefully make manager in a couple of years, and continually grow my business by increasing the quantity of properties held and rent out. I also am in the process of establishing a charity to aid minorities with integration in society and therefore giving them the best possible chance of success and growth within society.

  6. What advice would you give to startups, young people studying or leaving University?

    I think I actually fall into all three of the above categories, as I’m only 21 and am just finishing university – but the best advice I could possibly give is to seize every opportunity that’s presented to you, they may be out of your comfort zone or turn out to be a complete waste of time but there is no way you’ll ever know if you don’t take the opportunity.

  7. Can you give us a closing comment for this interview?
    “The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why”
    I’ve had the privilege of meeting a wealth of people from a variety of backgrounds and it never fails to surprise me how every person is so unique and has something that they can bring to the world. It’s taught me to never overlook or underestimate someone, everyone has a past, everyone has a story.
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