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Tian Lan

  • AiB
  • December 16, 2016

Where did you grow up and study?


I was born and spent my first 17 years in a well-known seaside city, former colony of Germany — Qingdao, in China. Then I went to Chengdu, Sichuan to study media and communication for my bachelor degree. After I quit my first job, I flew to University of Leicester for my master degree in Globalization and Communications.


Family values instilled at an early age/what you learnt from your parents


No pain, no gain. My parents always tell me there is no shortcut to success, if you want to stand out, you need to work harder than the others.

Though I am the only child in the family, I never became spoilt. Instead, they taught me to be independent since I was young.

Moreover, they always tried to show me how big the world is despite the fact they never travelled outside of our small town.


Your life growing up


I grew up in a tiny flat on the top floor; however, the building is located in the middle of a hill, so I can still see the sea from the windows.

I won a lot of prizes and awards by doing watercolor painting and writing when I was in  primary school. I was also a member of the school’s volleyball team and announcer of the school’s broadcast station.


Your current job…if now your own business…did you spot gap in the market…what have you learnt from this experience


I am working as a freelance consultant, media and communication officer and copywriter at the moment, I provide advice, write original content and help clients to reach out to the Asian market and communicat. What I learnt from my experience is to seize every chance to promote yourself and your business, even though the project could be small, you will still learn from it.


In which direction or path you want your career/job to take


I always ready to challenge myself with things that I have never done before, for my career path, I don’t really plan too much as everything change fast. Seems robots and machines are able to take over everything in the nearly future. However, human beings always the one going to control them, so try become the person cannot be replaced is my goal.


Your advice to startups/young people studying in Uni/leaving Uni


Seize the time and have a go, try to not stay in the comfort zone, try to challenge yourself with new tasks. Always think big and start small, effort and hard-working always behind the so-called ‘overnight fame’, no one can be success without paying any price.


Final comment…If you are willing to do something, do it now. Time flies, life is short.

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