Seema Aggarwal – Executive Vocal Training


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Seema Aggarwal – Executive Vocal Training

  • AiB
  • October 12, 2016

Seema Aggarwal is a digital transformation consultant, voice over artist and University lecturer. She recently left the corporate world to setup an exciting new consultancy focusing on how professionals can think about and utilise their tone of voice and vocal delivery to increase their effectiveness.

She spent the last two years conducting a study, which involved interviewing more than 200 senior executives from top global brands and startups to understand how voice influences their decision-making around who they hire and who they do business with. This was also compared with body language, dress code and other important factors in order to determine relative importance. Her findings will be published in the coming months, in preparation for her next exciting new venture.

Seema will be launching her own training programmes, in the form of half-day and full-day workshops and one-to-one training, for senior executives and client-facing professionals who are required to pitch for business, present at conferences, manage staff and motivate stakeholders.


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