Riky Bains – The LILAC Campaign

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Riky Bains – The LILAC Campaign

  • AiB
  • October 12, 2016

Riky Bains is passionate about language and the way we express ourselves on a daily basis both in business and social environments. Being concerned about the lack of emphasis the education system places on ‘how we speak’, Riky is launching the LILAC campaign to combat what he calls ‘the maltreatment of the English language’.

In his own words:

LILAC stands for Language Is Like A Colour. It is an extension of my existing copy writing business ‘A Way With Words‘ and seeks to improve the way in which adults and children alike, utilise the written and spoken word. In a social context which becomes more volatile, communication becomes more crucial yet we aren’t equipped with the vocabulary or knowledge to express ourselves in meaningful, accurate and potent ways.

LILAC is a course which will be coached by myself either in-person or over the phone. More details can be found at http://awaywithwords.club/page-t/

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