Dr Rakish Rana – ‘Coaching Escape’


Larch trees in autumn color growing on the slope of the mountain ridge. Low water level of the Multa river exposed the boulders of the moraine, Russia, Altai

Dr Rakish Rana – ‘Coaching Escape’

  • AiB
  • October 12, 2016

We asked Dr Rakish Rana to tell us about the new, exciting project he is working on called  ‘Coaching Escape‘. This new venture follows several years of mentoring and coaching people to better themselves and make them happier.


In his own words:


Are you feeling stuck?

Are you constantly tired and out of time?

Are you fed up with your everyday life?

If the answer is YES to any of those questions, then Coaching Escape is for you.

Coaching Escape is an exclusive weekend run away. However, it is NOT just another weekend break. This escape is primarily designed for you to reconnect with your inner self, find clarity of mind and help you define your sense of purpose and direction. Most importantly, you will receive personalised coaching sessions and an accelerated push towards your personal development, during and after the weekend.

Away from everyday distractions, morning rushes, angry looks and that never ending chase for the deceived happiness, we take you to a place where you can connect with nature, appreciate the majestic beauty of the world that surrounds you and experience the ultimate simplicity of just being.

We take you there to get off the track, step off the race, breath deeper, walk slower, look around and feel alive.

Visit ‘Coaching Escape

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