Asians in Business Launches Job Portal


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Asians in Business Launches Job Portal

  • AiB
  • October 11, 2016

Asians in Business launches their Job Portal where our members Businesses can post their career vacancies. As we represent so many industries, we will start in the IT sector, moving on to Finance, HR and many more. As the Job Portal grows, we may invite external companies to post jobs for our members to apply. There are also plans for our members looking for their next career challenge to post their CV’s to be viewed by other members and external companies.

AiB’s CEO, Ash says “the job portal will be grouped into countries and type of job so starting in the IT sector will advertise jobs in India, Singapore, California, etc. Once we move into different sectors, you will be able to drill down to see all the jobs in a certain country, whether they be IT, HR or Finance”

The global war for talent is fierce. Companies are desperate for seasoned experts with specific skills and experience that can effectively manage, lead and thrive in different cultural environments.

Global companies realize that without the right people in the right place at the right time they will not survive in today’s competitive global marketplace.

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